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Welcome to the Bobby Jindal 2012 LJ Community!

This community exists to discuss the 2012 election and to support Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal for President of the United States in 2012.  We welcome all who come in good faith to join this cause.

We recognize that 2012 seems a long way off right now.  We also recognize that the GOP has an exceptional group of young candidates who may seek the Presidency in 2012, including Alaska Governor Sarah Palin and former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee.  It is likely that many who join this community will support Bobby Jindal as a first choice, but will also like or support other GOP candidates as secondary choices.  Some who join may be undecided among several GOP candidates, but would support Bobby Jindal if he is our nominee.  In that spirit, once again, we welcome all who come in good faith.

As we look forward to 2012, we recognize that the 2008 election was a difficult time for our country and our party.  What unites us as Republicans is far greater than what divides us.  Let's work together for a GOP victory in 2012, not just for that reason, but because our core Republican values are right for America.

That said, this community isn't a debate forum or a place for people opposing Bobby Jindal to express hostile opinions or to advocate for other candidates.  There are plenty of LJ communities for such debate.  Let's keep this community focused on supporting Governor Jindal and working for a GOP comeback in 2012.

Membership is by application only.  This is a moderated community.  Only members may post, and all posts will be moderated.

Civil discourse is a hallmark of civilization. It is possible for people to engage in civil discussions, even of issues and beliefs held passionately. Trolling and flaming are prohibited, and will be dealt with appropriately.

What types of posts will be prohibited?
1.  Any post using profanity.  People should have a broader vocabulary than a few short words.
2.  Any post personally attacking another community member.  People can disagree without being disagreeable.
3.  Any post materially off-topic.  We all wander at times, but let's keep it somewhat on point.

When you join, please post a brief introduction so that we may get to know you.

This community is not funded or endorsed by any candidate or political party or organization.

About your moderator: I am a red state Republican.  I became a Republican when I heard Ronald Reagan challenge us to rebuild America, free the world from communism, and become the "shining city on a hill."  I am a passionate Reagan conservative, committed to the sanctity of human life, economic liberty, and national security.  Like President Reagan, I recognize that not all Republicans will agree on all issues, but that all Republicans will agree on most issues.  Where we agree, let's work together.  Where we disagree, let's do so as friend to friend, speaking no evil of another Republican.  Like President Reagan, I believe that it is better to obtain 80% of what we seek than to achieve nothing because we cannot achieve everything.  I am among those who support Bobby Jindal in 2012, but who could enthusiasically support any of several solid Republicans who might carry our banner in 2012.  Onward, to 2012 and victory.
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